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Which heating and cooling system is best suited for where I live? Is my house wasting energy? And how good is my indoor air quality, anyway? Knowing all the answers would improve your family’s comfort, your utility bills and even your health. But let’s face it, you’re no HVAC expert. Fortunately, we can help.

Information for Homeowners

Owning your own home is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have, providing security and peace of mind in this uncertain world. However, the costs of running and maintaining your own home can at times be overwhelming. From minor repairs to major fixes, there is always something that requires attention and money. 

Among the many skyrocketing costs of homeownership today, heating and cooling can prove one of the most expensive. Colorado weather, with its constant ups and downs, can demand a lot from your heating and cooling system. Sweltering days followed by glacial nights require a constant shift in temperature modulation, which can be hard on an inefficient system, leading to higher costs for the consumer. Replacing an old system with one that is newer and more energy-efficient can be enough to cut your heating and electric bills significantly.

Carrier Colorado is the premier provider of heating and cooling systems in the state of Colorado. With a wide-ranging network of skilled and certified dealers, we can help you choose the perfect heating and cooling system for your home. We are renowned for our quality products and customer-focused service. Whether you require a new heating system, a more efficient cooling system, refrigeration, or HVAC repairs, our skilled and experienced dealers can help guide you through the process from product selection to installation.

Our full range of services includes a wide of inventory of heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems to choose from as well as a full-service repair center. We offer our customers the most competitive prices and are happy to work with you to select green-friendly systems that qualify for federal energy rebates and tax credits.

Whatever your HVAC needs, Colorado Carrier is here to help you. Call one of your many locally based dealerships today for more information.

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