Colorado is known for its sunny days and high temperatures, but the nights tend to be very cold, while the winters are practically artic. A low-cost, energy-efficient heating system is crucial to surviving the incredibly variable Colorado climate. When it comes to heating Colorado residents can rely on, they need look no further than Carrier Colorado. We offer a wide range of systems to choose from, including furnaces, heat pumps, and geothermal heat pumps.

The choice of which system to select can be a bit bewildering and depends on a variety of factors, including the type of home you own. Our experienced and friendly dealers will guide you through the selection process, install the system, and are always on hand to answer any questions and perform any necessary maintenance and repair.

Furnaces are the most traditional and common form of heating system in use today. Somewhat variable in style, furnaces use natural gas and electrical energy to heat a space. Warm days can turn into frigid nights almost instantaneously. Carrier Colorado’s state-of-the-art furnaces can heat up any space quickly and efficiently, bringing you warmth and comfort on the coldest of winter evenings.

Heat pumps have become a more popular heating choice in recent years. Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient and adaptable, and have the significant advantage of being an all-in-one heater and air conditioning system. In the winter, a heat pump efficiently heats your home, while in summer it automatically turns into an air conditioner, bringing your house down to a cool, comfortable temperature.  

Heat pumps have the added advantage of working in tandem with your existing furnace. Furnaces typically work off a gas energy source, while heat pumps are completely powered by electrical energy. When the two devices work together, they are paired in an intelligent synchronous system, whereby the most energy-efficient device, typically the heat pump, clicks in to provide you with the heating you need. With a heat pump, you get all the convenience of a two-in-one heating and air conditioning system, as well as an intelligent system that always works off the most energy-efficient power source. Your home will stay at a comfortable temperature year round, and your heating and cooling costs will fall dramatically.

Geothermal heat pumps work on a similar system as heat pumps. They work by feeding off the natural heat that is present in the ground, often referred to as a loop field. Water is extracted from the ground into the geothermal pump and the heat from that water is then used to heat your home. A highly efficient system, geothermal heat pumps keep your home at a stable, constant temperature and function as both heaters and air conditioners, cooling your home in the summer and warming it in the winter. Because geothermal heat pumps work off a stable heat source and require very little energy conversion, the costs of running such a system can be significantly lower when compared to furnaces. 

Those of us who live in Colorado know what it is to deal with mercurial, shifting weather patterns that see us enduring 100-degree days in summer and -10-degree days in winter. Even within the space of a day, the temperature can fluctuate significantly, with warm days leading into cool nights. The intelligent design of a heat pump system means that it can keep up with these temperature fluxes using an energy-efficient process that keeps your home at a stable temperature, regardless of the vagaries of the outdoor weather. With a low impact on the environment, heat pumps and geothermal pumps are the natural choice for the ecofriendly residents of Colorado.

Whatever your heating needs, Carrier Colorado’s friendly and skilled dealers will help you find just what you need to keep your home warm and your costs low.


Summer is here and temperatures in Colorado are skyrocketing. The intense heat can be unbearable, and an efficient cooling system is a necessity. Carrier Colorado carries a wide selection of cooling systems including duct-free systems, heat pumps, and geothermal pumps. Whatever your needs in terms of air conditioning, Colorado has no better choice to offer than Carrier Colorado.

At Carrier Colorado, we have a wide range of traditional air conditioners to choose from. Popular for their ease of operation, the traditional air conditioner was first invented by the founder of our company, Willis Carrier, in the early 1900s. Since then, there have been a number of innovations in the field of air conditioning, but our commitment to creating durable, reliable products has remained the same as when Willis Carrier first started this company in 1915.

When it comes to air conditioning, Colorado residents want to have systems that are efficient as well as environmentally friendly. Carrier Colorado stocks a large range of heat pumps that fulfill this critical requirement. Heat pumps are more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning systems, as they pull energy from natural sources. While they do use electrical energy, they are cost-efficient and easy to maintain. Geothermal heat pumps, in particular, pull all of their energy from the ground and as such, have a very low impact on the environment. The installation of a heat pump also typically qualifies a homeowner for energy rebates and tax credits.

The singular advantage of heat pumps and geothermal pumps, apart from their energy-efficiency, is that they can be used year round as a heating system in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer. Coloradans live in one of the most unique environments on the planet, and long-time residents know all too well how a sweltering day can change with little warning into a frigid night. Because heat pumps and geothermal pumps essentially function as an all-in-one heating and cooling system, they are perfectly capable of offsetting these night-and-day temperature changes. With one of these systems, you don’t have to constantly switch between running a heater at night and a separate air conditioner in the daytime. The intelligently designed heat pump will do the work for you, automatically warming or cooling your home as needed to keep the internal temperature at a stable, comfortable level no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Carrier Colorado also offers duct-free air conditioning systems. These work well to cool the air and have the advantage of not needing ducts to function. This means that there is no need for a yearly cleaning, which is crucial to the proper functioning of any duct-based heating or cooling system. Duct-free systems are also the perfect choice for those gorgeous, older Colorado homes that do not have any built in ductwork. With a duct-free system, you don’t have to go through the hassle of having your home renovated to put in ducts. Simply install the unit and sit back and relax in the cool, delicious air of your now-comfortable home.

At Carrier Colorado, we understand the necessity of having an efficient, reliable cooling system. Apart from keeping you comfortable, it is also crucial to the health and well-being of your family. Call one of our certified dealers today, and let us help you find the best solutions in air conditioning that Colorado has to provide.

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